The Mountain Challenge
Jerevan, Arménie (5.8.2015 - 15.8.2015)

Tato mezinárodní výměna proběhne za účasti 6 států : Norsko, Arménie, Gruzie, Česká Republika, Itálie a Kypr. Projekt je zaměřený na zdravý životní styl a ekologii a proběhne 5 - 15. 8. v Jerevanu v Arménii. Upozorňujeme, že cestovní náklady mohou být vyšší než rozpočet na ně - 270 euro. Doporučujeme proto letětet do Gruzie do Tbilisi (cca 200 eur) a odtamtud autobusem do Jerevanu (necelých 20 eur). Pokud by někdo letěl přímo do Jerevanu musel by si připlatit zhruba 100 eur. Hledáme 5 účastníků ve věku 18 - 30 let a jednoho vedoucího skupiny. Pro více informací si přečtěte přiložený infopack. Součástí výměny mládeže budou i lehké sportovní aktivity, procházky, sbírání rostlin apod.

The international youth exchange "The Mountain Challenge" aims to gather young people from 6 countries (Norway, Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Italy and Cyprus) and give them unique experience of healthy living and ecological awareness in Armenia from 5 to 15 August 2015.

The exchange will include casual sport activities promoting healthy lifestyle; specially summer activities such as climbing, hiking, hunting, herb collecting…etc.

There is strong interdependence between healthy lifestyle and ecological awareness. Those who want to live long and healthy are usually the ones who also know a lot about food quality, healthy eating patterns and value ecologically clean and traditional food. Participants will engage in group discussions, make short visits to traditional or ecological producers and learn about their production cycle but also about the people who work and make things happen there.

Participants will learn about local culture and way of life. Participants will discuss with locals and share with each other ways for sustainable development taking into account needs and cultural heritage of people.

Participants will not only present their culture and country to other participants but will have the chance to be disconnected from their ordinary lives and dive into the local rich cultures, be refreshed with the nature based lifestyle and empowered to look for positives side of life. To this end, intercultural evenings and events will be organized and short visits and excursions to local villages and habitats will be arranged.

Objectives of the project:

- Promoting healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviours, in particular through the promotion of the practice of outdoor and grassroots sports.

- Raising awareness about ecology and problems and opportunities related to sustainable development.

- Promoting rich intercultural exchange among participants as well as intercultural interaction between participants and local people

- Promoting Erasmus + Programme among participants of this exchange