Visegrad Fund 2015

Check the section News where you will find information about realisation of the project. You can find news on Facebook page of Change it! and project Nenech sebou zametat! as well.

Funded by International Visegrad Fund

Partners of the project Don't let them mess with you! across the border

Rada mládeže Prešovského kraja (Slovakia)

Hope for Children Hungary (Hungary)

Nie Daj Sobą Pomiatać (Poland)

Facebook page

Project description

The aim of the project is to create common way how to inform youngsters in Visegrad countries about ICT (especially about cyberbullying, bullying, human rights). Through 7-day exchange we want to discuss with the youngsters several topics:

  • What is ICT?
  • How to effectively use ICT in our future life?
  • What is cyberbullying, NO hate speech (how to behave to support this idea)?
  • How can we protect ourselves before cyberbullying, bullying? How can we help to other youngsters?

Another objective of the project would be how to make a workshop via peer learning. All the participants are going to learn through this exchange more about their cultures and what are their common problems. All the participants will be able to do workshops about the project topics in their regions and communities and they will be able to organise their own activities based on the project topics.

Project results

One of the project results is a standpoint. The standpoint has been approved by all Visegrad countries representatives. You can find it here.

Another project results are two project videos. First one is dealing with the topic of hate speech and you can watch it on this link. The second one is focused on the project meeting itself and the project topics as well, let's watch it here.