Clicking With Voters

TITLE: Clicking With Voters

FUNDING PROGRAMME: Europe for Citizens 2014-2020

SUB-PROGRAMME: Democratic engagement and civic participation

ACTION: 2.3: Civil Society Projects

PERIOD: 1 September 2018 - 28 February 2020



The project's overall objective is to empower European citizenship and to encourage citizens involvement, with special focus on young people, in the democratic life of Europe, in particular by motivating them to participate in the 2019 EP Elections.


  • to encourage EU citizens to make their voice count by voting in the 2019 European elections
  • to build the capacity of young people to participate actively in the democratic life of Europe and counter the challenges of Euroscepticism
  • to give voice to citizens by involving them in debate on forward-looking initiatives for the future of Europe, on what they perceive to be the urgent issues relevant to the development of Europe post 2019,
  • to encourage first voters, passive citizens, excluded groups, and low-income families to vote
  • to develop integrated voter engagement campaigns and promote opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering by social media influencers and volunteers lobby groups
  • to provide the relevant European institutions with a document expressing the considered view of citizens on a range of issues which they feel are important to the them
  • to build the capacity of civil society organisations to foster European citizenship, though establishment of a flexible international network of active citizens and constant dialogue with the institutions of the EU.

The 18-months action will be implemented by 8 NGOs from Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, France, Sweden and Latvia.

During 16-months project events will involve 500 direct participants and numerous wider local public who will gain better understanding and knowledge about EU- necessary ground for their more active involvement.