TCA Global Leaders
Prague, Czech Republic (2016-08-24 - 2016-08-30)

During after our previous projects and discussions with some organizations we came to these results: Many NGOs are talking about leadership but they still don´t know a lot about its theoretical background and how its theory is directly connected to youth work. Even during our discussion we have mentioned that many NGOs have troubles with motivation and that the workers are not happy (even the youngsters, who come in touch with this organization), don´t know in what type of activities/work are they good. That´s why we have decided to work with talent management, how to find, analyze, self-analyze talents etc.


The participants are going to analyze - how they are as leaders, which frames are strong/important for them, or in which they are weak - e.g. We are going to use this categorization: human resources frame, political frame, symbolical frame, structural frame. Participants are going to learn methods how to improve frames which they are going to be more useful in their youth work. They will also share troubles, which they as leaders had and learn from their experiences and analyze, how they maybe could solve these problems in other way.

Talent management (TM) - the participants are going to understand what is talent, especially talent management, they will understand importance of TM in connection to youth work. They will be also able to implement any activities, which are supporting "look for the right talent" between their coworkers and they will be also able to implement some of these activities into direct work with youngsters (to help them, if they are still thinking about their future - to help them, how to find their strengths and talents.)

Global aspect - the participants are going to be able to better analyze the information, which are they getting from media. We want to show them, if they want to create good leaders and motivate youngsters. They should think about social media impact (that we don't mostly critically analyze these information and we just use them without any deep thinking about them). On concrete examples they are going to learn how can just "sharing" of these information badly impact things around us.