TC "A Network for your ‘NET-worth"
Nicosia,Cyprus (2015-09-15 - 2015-09-20)

Do you want to visit Cyprus? Do you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and dynamic environment of entrepreneurial education. Do you want to start with international cooperation across Europe, which should bring new projects. Then join this project. Please read the infopack carefully.

NGO's youth-workers who are currently working on entrepreneurship, must be continually updated, in the dynamic environment of entrepreneurial education. Taking into consideration all the above strategic ideas, this networking training aims at bringing the organizations which specialize on entrepreneurship together, by intending to work on concrete objectives. More specifically, the targets of the training contain:

-The sharing of non-formal educational methods that motivate, and therefore engage young people with entrepreneurial activities.

-The sharing of special techniques that empower young people deriving from the alleged 'marginalized areas' such as migrants and people with disabilities, to take entrepreneurial action.

-The development of collaborations and partnerships, capable to submit applications for KA1 and KA2 action.

-The learning of ways, primarily by giving the right opportunities through both the appropriately-designed activities and the whole training process, to widen the participants' network.

The "A.N.NET" training will be hosted in Nicosia, Cyprus by Citizens In Power from 15/09/2015 until 20/09/2015 in cooperation with partner organizations from Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.