Aguiar da Beira, Portugal (2015-08-02 - 2015-08-08)

Youth from remote parts of European countries has rare – or even none – opportunities to participate in intercultural dialogue, common in Europe, and to develop their European citizenship alongside with other young people. It is due to the fact that the major intercultural centres are European capitals and big cities, located commonly in the littoral part of the countries. Therefore, it is difficult to promote the European citizenship as for them «Europe» is still an abstract concept, not part of a concrete personal experience. There are still big disparities in relation to opportunities in remote parts and urban parts of European countries, so it is natural that youth feel that their geographic localization is an obstacle to their personal and professional fulfillment. So, it contributes to the desertification and aging of rural remote areas. Therefore, we created this project in which outdoor education will be the upmost tool to young people from different remote parts of Europe to socialize: through the familiar sport that they all do, it is going to be easier to promote intercultural dialogue and the first steps in an inclusive European citizenship. Moreover, this project will allow us, as active associations in the youth field in remote areas, to share good practices and methodologies and strengthen our partnership which will be important for future cooperation in the youth field.