Viseu, Portugal (2015-01-26 - 2015-02-02)

This Youth Exchange was made for 5 countries (Czech Republic, Portugal, Croatia, Sweden, Poland). The debate around the active youth participant in the local communities in Portugal is actually a very significant from the point of view of social and economic development, expressing an extraordinary accession that can give to youth associations and community to a variety of actors that actually constitute a backbone of the country, particularly in fighting democratic absenty. The current phase of the political system also confers additional weight to the role of the local councils and requires the presence of new measures to the citizens demanding. In this context that fits the current project, conceived as an opportunity for debate youth policies at a local level, reflection and training on the participation of yougsters in youth local policies for the benefit of the community and themselves that will be able to gain experience of cultural exchange with host communities and acquire technical expertise on the basis of a specific activities in such fields.