Empowerment: Top 5 Reasons why learning in the workplace is important to me and should be for you !

Published at 2016-04-19
Innovation, empowerment, improvement, self-confidence, self-realization these are main reasons why is learning in the workplace really necessary. If we are going to focus on these 5 steps we can create good circle of education and harmony in the workplace.

Lets start with innovation and give space to employees to learn something new, what will be useful not only for them, but also for the workplace. Even if they are going to learn foreign language (f. e. Spanish because they want to visit Spain). This person starts with self - realization (f. e. I like learning new languages and getting in touch with another culture) and on the same point also with self-confidence (because this person wouldn't be so scared of visiting new country as he/she will be able to understand elementary vocabulary and solve basic problems). This same person improves her/his personal skills and is also empowered (because he/she is more motivated and excited because of her/his visit in Spain).

And maybe exactly this person can come up with a new idea to start to work on new project with Spain or Spanish speaking country in your company and this is an innovation. And you are now again running through this circle, which is based on education and especially learning new things. Thanks to these experiences you are going to learn something new, maybe that you should be ashamed that you didn't come up with the idea to cooperate with international partners before.

In my opinion if we want to make really good educational or learning plan for ourselves or for our colleagues we should think about this circle. Because if it is something empowering for me (or just one person in my workplace), then it is empowering our workplace, because you feel better, you can start to create better or innovative outputs. Even if a part of the training is boring, try to find a way how to put it in this circle, (f. e. If you have to learn a strategy how to communicate with your clients, you can think that it is really boring. In order to avoid the boredom, try to based and teach this strategy on concrete life situation, which you can also experience in your private life.)

Author: Tomáš Botlík