Local Youth Parliament Session #1 >> Media and critical thinking <<

Zveřejněno 29.3.2019
The first local youth parliament session took place 27 March 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. As a topic of the first session we have chosen media and critical thinking in general. The topic has been chosen because of our experience and feedback from different project concerning the active citizenship or EU topic. One of the issues of the youngsters is the quality of information (mainly online) and connected topic – critical thinking. The youth parliament session has been organised in cooperation with student project Stuzak.

As the EP elections are approaching, we can find more and more disinformation online and it is really hard to find the "right" information we can trust. We have decided to work with group of students very interactive so they could experience the difference between styles of transferring information.

At the begging we have introduced the organisations – Change it and Stuzak, then we have been speaking about the project Clicking with voters, its activities, aims and ways how to be more engaged. We didn't forget to mention the importance of voting and we talked also about the campaign #thistimeimvoting.

Then, we have started with the activity. We divided youngsters into five groups and they represented different groups with different backgrounds – tabloid journalists, classical journalists, ecologists, government and PR departments of factories. We simulated a situation when a strange fog has just appeared in the city and the aim was to inform about this accident according to the roles. We used also social media so all the groups could use our provisional Twitter timeline on shared flipchart paper.

The aim of the activity was to show youngsters that although we all have been a part of the same accident we informed about the situation in a different way – according to our background/role in the game.

At the end, we had a discussion about fake news, media literacy, digital competencies and how media and disinformation are influencing political "fights" and campaigning.

The youth parliament session was attended by 27 youngsters and 4 organisators (including volunteers).